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 What we have here, Pardner, is a links page that will allow you to travel on to some other Western-related sites. Some of these are among my favorites, while others just sort of showed up along the trail, like mavericks waiting to have a brand placed on 'em. Feel free to wander at your heart's content, and may what lies on the trail ahead of you always be safer and friendlier than what you've already crossed.

 CowboyDirectory.comCowboyDirectory.Com calls itself "the world's largest Internet database of Western writers and entertainers." Here you'll find biographical sketches on hundreds of Western writers, cowboy poets, singers, musicians, movie stars; hundreds of photos, old movie posters, and book covers; and plenty of other items to explore.

 On the Chisholm Trail statueThe Chisholm Trail Heritage Center (formerly known as On the Chisholm Trail Statue and Museum) was established in 1998 to commemorate and celebrate the history and heritage of the old Chisholm Trail and the other great cattle trails of the late 19th Century. The Center includes the largest bronze sculpture in Oklahoma and an adjacent museum and visitor center. Inside the museum, displays and galleries put you on the old Trail. From the economic forces stimulating the cattle industry after the Civil War, to the entrepreneurs and cattle barons who made it happen, and on to the cowboys, the native Americans, the cavalry, the cattle, and the terrain, the Heritage Center tells the complete story of the famous Trail. You don't want to miss this on any trip along the Chisholm Trail.

 End of the TrailNational Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum preserves and interprets the heritage of the American West for the enrichment of the public. The 200,000-square-foot complex features artwork by the finest contemporary artists in the nation, as well as significant works by master artists such as Charles Russell, Frederic Remington, and Albert Bierstadt; James Earle Fraser's famous 18-foot sculpture, End of the Trail (shown here), Colorado sculptor Gerald Balciar's 16,000-pound white marble cougar, named Canyon Princess, and Windows to the West, five breathtaking Western landscapes by Albuquerque artist, Wilson Hurley; Prosperity Junction, a 14,000-square-foot turn-of-the-century Western town; and major exhibition galleries. (Last time I was there, you could see John Wayne's doll collection!) You don't want to miss this if you're ever in Oklahoma City.

 Jesse Chisholm Jesse Chisholm's Web site offers all sorts of information about the Chisholm clan and lineage. Jesse himself is both namesake and great-great-great-grandson of the famous Chisholm Trail Jesse, and he includes all sorts of genealogical information about his ancestor and other members of the extended Chisholm family. There are also links and information about food, cats, wine, armor and, oh, all sorts of things Chisholm. (I like this guy, even though we haven't met. Visit his site!)

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